Video Inquiry

60 sec video

Starts at


60 sec film

10 sec trailer

Delivered within 10 business days from session.

Up to 4 people

*$100 deposit due the day of booking.*

Wedding Film

Starts at


8 hours of continuous coverage

8 minute film

One Videography

Delivered within 30 business days from wedding date.

*$500 deposit due the day of booking.*


Times vary

$200 an hour

2-3 minute film

Delivered within 4 business days from session.

*$100 deposit due the day of booking.*

Music Video

3 hour session


3-4 minute film

Delivered within 14 business days from session

Up to 5 people

Up to 3 outfits

*$100 deposit due the day of booking.*

Indianapolis, Indiana


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